Rana Beiruti





Arab Design Now is a survey exhibition of contemporary design from the Arab World. It features works done by local and regional designers across disciplines from architectural and material interventions to contemporary crafts, furniture, graphic, and object design.

How to Time Travel presents a series of commissioned and selected works that explore notions of estrangement and displacement and propose ways in which the dimension of time conditions re-orientation and belonging. The participating artists, hailing from various trajectories and working across multiple disciplines and mediums, were invited to propose works that act as homing devices, defined as vehicles, instruments, rituals, or tools for navigation and orientation.


Through a combination of theoretical learning modules, excursions for field research, and acts of rapid publishing, seven participants examined how modern tools of material collection (archival material, citizen journalism, photography, video, or oral histories) can stand as fragments of evidence in addressing the complicated issues of our time.

Adorno is a digital gallery for collectible design and craft from around the globe. Adorno’s Jordanian collection, titled Departures, ruminates on the intersection between the traditional and the contemporary in the Jordanian collectible design scene.

Re-rooting is a group exhibition of projects that highlight interventions, dialogues, and reflections, conducted at a local scale, that subvert and transform systems and pre-conditioned understandings of the three most pressing concerns in Jordan today; water politics, agro-ecology, and extractive building practices.



Amman Design Week returns with large-scale exhibitions and the biggest program yet, transforming the event into a year-round platform for learning and exchange. Alongside the Hangar Exhibition, this edition features new thematic exhibitions in material research, urban agriculture, graphic design and epigraphy, and crafts.

The Material Innovation exhibition, which took place during Amman Design Week 2019, showcases the results of a workshop series titled the Textile Innovation Lab, in which participants were introduced to growing Kombucha leather, paper-making, and making bioplastics, to develop new materials and prototypes.


The second edition of Amman Design Week launched with a program of large-scale exhibitions, including the headline Hangar Exhibition and the Crafts District, as well as a Mobile Makerspace which toured the governorates of Jordan in the month leading to Amman Design Week. This year also marked the launch of the first inter-university and high-school Student Exhibition.


The first edition of Amman Design Week kicked off under the theme 'Huna Al Tasmeem' (This is Design), with a series of large scale exhibitions, talks and workshops, cultural programs, and support programs for local designers. Envisioned as a platform for learning, the nine-day event was the launch of Amman Design Week as a brand and a platform for designers in Jordan and the region.